Festival business and technology trend managers received sixty-four applications from entrepreneurs from all over Central Asia. Based on the selection results, ten strongest startups from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Turkmenistan will participate in the pitching.


The following finalists received written notifications about the further continuation of their fight in the final:

1. Eco bags Studio (Uzbekistan)

2. Telework asia (Uzbekistan)

3. Pieper (Kazakhstan)

4. Qmobot (Kazakhstan)

5. Flyeng online school (Kazakhstan)

6. Educator (Uzbekistan)

7. Eco Network (Kazakhstan)

8. RobX (Tajikistan)

9. OKOO (Kazakhstan), and

10 “I want to study” (Turkmenistan)


From September 19 to October 3, the next stage of the competition for the teams will be the passage of training on pitching delivered by Toastmasters, who are the leading community of experts in public speaking. The final presentation of the projects, which will determine the three winners, is awaiting the finalists right there, at the Festival itself from October 9 to 18; please, follow the announcements on the website.


It is known that all the ten teams within a month after the final will be accompanied by experienced mentors as follows: Aziza Utegenova (Marketing Specialist), Darya Bublik (PR Specialist and Career Guidance Specialist), Marat Tolibayev (Investor), and Roman Nadein (Strategist and Cofounder).


Startup Go is not just a competition that will be held as part Go Viral 2020 Regional Festival, but an excellent opportunity for teams from Central Asia to create a global company, scale it to the whole world, and, as a result, positively affect millions of lives. Today, it is but the creation of impact startups that is gaining momentum, where the objective is not only to make money, but also to solve some specific social problems. Startup Go this year will be held with financial support from the Eurasia Foundation and the Central Asia Civil Society Support Program.