Keynote Presentations

This hour-long session features the most compelling and viral topics in the area of Media, Business,

Culture and Technology and presents the most creative and innovative thinkers from the United States,

Central Asia and Eastern Europe. This diverse trendsetters covers a wide range of aspects of topical

themes to inspire, create and share with global audience. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.


Workshops offer hands-on, in-depth, advanced level of practical information that helps people to learn

or improve their skills in a particular area of interest. They last anywhere from one to two hours,

depending on the particular session. Advance sign-up sometimes will be required depending on the

workshop and space limitations. Consecutive interpretation will be provided.

Panel Discussions

This format enables attendees to review the topical issue from different angles and hear different

perspectives on the same subject. Usually there is a moderator and up to 3-4 industry experts, who

represent different opinions or experience depending on geographical, cultural, and other aspects.

Overall, this session lasts for 1-1,5hours. Simultaneous interpretation will be provided.

Pitching Sessions

This session allows participants to have a chance to showcase their project, product, or service in front

of a panel of judges and compete for a prize. This session is popular in Business and Technology sections

of the festival and it is necessary to sign up in advance to pass the selection process and be invited for

the event at the festival. Depending on the number of people who passed the preliminary selection, the

session lasts for 1-1.5hours. Simultaneous or consecutive interpretation will be provided.

Mentor Sessions

These one-to-one coaching sessions will give participants a chance to schedule a time slot with

professionals from various industries covering the four main sections of the festival: Media, Business,

Culture and Technology. The participants will have an opportunity to sign up for one of four one-to-one

meetings, lasting 15 minutes each within a 1-hour timeframe. A facilitator, who will play the role of

timekeeper, will coordinate this session. Advanced sign-up is required. Consecutive interpretation may

be provided. This format is also envisioned to be used not just during the festival, but also throughout

the year for Go Viral Network activities.

Coffee with a Speaker

This format will help people to mingle with various speakers from different industries in a more relaxed

way and have an opportunity to meet other participants and exchange business cards and ideas, as well

as get inspiration and find collaboration opportunities. This session will last for 1h.

Speed Networking

This networking session will help to accelerate business contacts among participants. The format is very

much like Speed Dating. During 6 minutes (3 minutes for each) participants will have a chance to tell

about themselves, which project they have, and their goals, as well as exchange contacts, and then

switch the table. In total, it will be one hour and a half-long session, which will be moderated by a

facilitator to keep time and coordinate the session. After the active speed meeting part, it is also

envisioned to have informal coffee break time for contacts to continue their acquaintance.


Screening the documentaries, short films and some unseen featured films is a part of the Cultural

section of the festival. Followed by discussions with film directors, actors or authors, films within a

festival raise different social, environmental, educational and other important themes and issues. Apart

from the screening time, the discussion and Q&A last for about 30 minutes.

TechLab Zone

This area of Technology section of the festival allows participants to interact and try out new gadgets,

see high-tech developments, and learn more about what is on the market. It is also an opportunity for

companies to showcase their developments and software programs. Expo Zone will be open to the

public for all three days of the festival.


This is the most fun session of the Cultural section of the festival that gathers people who like music,

dancing, theatre plays, and art performances. This is the language that is common to anyone despite

their age, background, country, and their interests. This format envisions concerts, theatre and art

performances, cultural collaborations across countries showcasing different styles and genres of music,

dance, and art that can embrace all the participants to informally interact with each other and discover

new groups, performers, and cultural crowd. Concerts and other musical performances last from 1-2

hours depending on their scheduling time.

Free Mic

This session allows participants to present their idea/project within 15 minutes time and leave their

contacts on a Note Board. The format is very informal and organized as part of networking event with

occasional small presentations of the participants on a voluntarily base. It helps participants to present

their idea in public and get visibility, as well as find and meet like-minded people. This format is more

feasible not during the festival, but perhaps throughout the year as part of gathering/networking